Creative happy work

My way to be creative is to act smart with line art, faces, nature and my different kind of knowledge to create some new art.

You want to lern how you can be more creative or you need designs?

My way to design

Mix Media

Consists of mixed techniques like acryl, watercolors and a wide range of materials. 

I craft with different materials to train my creative process and to create new media. One new skill i improve is to use video, pictures and music in compination.

Digital Work

As a graphic designer I´m still working with digital media. I create Illustrations, image transformation, patterns and corporate design for companies. I use also my skills to improve and structure websites.


It is my personal joy and my enthusiast to style people. So I also finished the education of an make-up artist. 

You can see the result of what people become with make-up on their face when you see my portraits.

The artist is nothing without the gift, the gift is nothing without work”

Emile Zola

The Shadow And The LIght

Shadow and light are both two different extremes and both are important to show a differenz.

If you want to shoot the perfect picture or draw a picture you have to complete shadow and light. I prefer the way to reduce my pics to show you what´s the essential thing. 

You want to start to learn how to draw and  to see the importance about black and white.

Please contact makabera teach you!


Working together with other inspiring people is one important part to improve your skills.

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My name...


In my life I like to have fun and be creative. To find solutions and express myself. I am ready for new projects and ideas to work together in a team. I am into japan lifestyle, philosophie and art.

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